Art has been a constant passion throughout my life. I have explored creating art through a wide range of mediums from drawing, painting, woodworking, making jewelry, and cold-working glass. However, cold-working glass is my one true love.

The act of carving glass is a repetitive task that takes constant focus to ensure that consistency across the patterns can be achieved. The human eye is so astute at pattern recognition that a cut that is even a few hundredths of a millimeter too shallow, deep, long, etc. can be easily noticed. This means the most important part of cold-working is to stay constantly present and in the moment. The meditative nature of the craft may be one of the most enjoyable aspects.

In this shop and gallery page, you will see some jewelry, collaborations, and some marbles with a signature design ethos that I have implemented in my recent works. This will involve marbles that generally include highly polished facets, lathe engraving, inlays and sandblasting. By incorporating these design elements into a single piece, a simple clear or color marble can be easily turned into a piece that will have different optics and patterns depending on the angle of view. This gives us a near infinite variety of patterns that can be seen in the piece as it’s rotated about.

Thank you for stopping by and supporting my work in any way!